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Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Honor 5X Preview - If the price is right

Honor Malaysia launches the most anticipated smartphone for the last few month for Malaysia market today in an event in KL. Its a public secret that Honor 5X is coming since early december but the launch date was something that no one could know until Honor Malaysia announce it on their facebook earlier this month. For those who are not aware, Honor 5X was recently showcased in CES and won multiple awards thru out the events.

This phone is just a mid tier smartphone, but it came with many features that used to be exclusive on higher end devices. The standard spec sheet scream out value for money as it brings a well known SoC in Snapdragon 615, 5.5 inch Full HD display, dual sim support, LTE connectivity, metal unibody and the best part a fingerprint sensor. Most of this spec would be only available on a higher priced smartphone but Honor seems to be able to squeeze it on a modest priced.

Even if the launch event is done, the price is still not known for Malaysia market but we could always use US market price as an indication. Just to put the price in perspective, Honor 5x will be available in the US market exclusively thru internet merchant for USD$199.

Qualcomm snapdragon 615 isn't the newest kid on the block so most probably all users are aware of the capability of the chipset. It isnt a perfect chipset but i would get the job done but one thing that is worrying is the display used on Honor 5X might push the limit of the chipset itself as most other SD615 implementation would only run HD (720) while Honor 5X uses a full HD display (1080) similar to Oppo R5.

We dont know why Honor would still use SD615 as there are newer version of it in the updated SD616 and SD617 that have better technology implementation. Honor might be looking at it from a price point where SD615 would be a cheaper option to date than the newer version.

On the outside, Honor 5X might be mistaken for Honor 7 as it share almost the same design language and that is actually a good thing. The phone slim bezel and metal unibody might be mistaken for a higher priced phone because Honor seems to put more emphasis on the outer shell. The full metal usage, fingerprint sensor on the back and square camera speak the same language as the earlier launch Honor 7 and you could only tell the difference if you own both of it.

The best thing about this phone as it can take up 2 sim cards and 1 sdcard together, something that most user of Honor 7 are complaining about. With only 16GB storage (10GB available), the additional SD Card would be a great addition.

Even with the great specification on paper, there are few things that still show it is a mid tier phone. We only gotten a hold of the phone for a while but the screen quality really scream to us, the display seems dull with washed out colour reproduction. The metal back isn't the same as Honor 7 where it is seems more slippery to grip than the former.

All in all, it is a good phone if the price is right for most buyer. With Honor Malaysia still tight lip on the pricing, one can only guess but if it is below RM800.00, it would be the next best seller from Honor.

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