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Sunday, 3 January 2016

Honor 7 - How to replace stock recovery to enable OTA / Update

Honor 7 is one of the earliest model to be receiving Marshmallow update (EMUI 4.0) from any Huawei model including Huawei own flagship Mate S and P7. With the new Beta and impending update, users are required to replace back their recovery to the original Huawei recovery for the phone to be able to install EMUI 4.0 update.

Many of the users of Honor 7 are rooted with custom recovery installed such as TWRP and these custom recovery doesn't support standard ROM update. As requested, this post is specifically meant for rooted Honor 7 (PLK-L01 / PLK-UL00) to revert back to the stock recovery and enable EMUI updates on their rooted phone. We will list down all the required tools and how to replace to stock recovery and continue with your OTA / Manual updates. This guide would actually show how to use Honor 7 Tool created by Robocop from Frandroid, all credit belong to Robocop for creating a simple tool for this. You can thank him/her on the Honor 7 Frandroid forum.

Rooting Honor 7 doesn't actually required CWM to work. The most important in rooting is Unlocked Bootloader and the Root img file but it is a common things that whoever rooted their phone would also replace their recovery. Custom recovery such as CWM or TWRP is required if the phone owner wants to use the extra feature available in the custom recovery such as;

  1. Install custom ROM
  2. Backup ROM
  3. Install application ROM (such as Gapps)

The downside of this recovery is that 99% of the time it will not support OTA / official updates and that is where the problem is for most of Honor 6 users


  • USB cable
  • Hisuite
  • At least 50% battery on your phone
  • USB debugging enabled

The tools
1. Honor 7 (PLK-L01) Tools (Source from Frandroid by Robocop)
2. Honor 7 (PLK-UL00) Tool (Modified by Mytechgarbage from above tool)

Options available
There is 2 ways of doing this and we actually tested both ways and it should work flawlessly.
1. Using Standard ADB / Fastboot
2. Using tool created by Robocop (Frandroid Forum)

For most of the users, we would recommend to use the tool created by Robocop as it is the easiest way available currently. The most important requirement for using this tool is that your phone must be plugged in before running the tool.

1. Plug in your Phone to PC
2. Close Hisuite (if it is running)
3. Unzip the (prefer to be on your C:\)
4. Open the folder and run H7_recovery_stock.Bat
5. Wait until it closes by itself
6. plug out phone

Your Recovery should be replaced by the stock EMUI recovery if you follow the steps without any problem. To confirm, shut down your phone and boot with Power + Vol up to access the EMUI recovery, choose reboot system now from there to access back to phone.

You can continue to do your update either thru OTA or Local update.

Please feels free to comments below if we missed out any details, have fun

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