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Thursday, 28 January 2016

Huawei Mate 7 - EMUI 4.0 Beta registration opened for users in Malaysia

Together with Honor 6 Beta launch, mate 7 also are in line to received the latest Beta release of EMUI 4.0. Mate 7 have a lot of modern phone feature such as the fingerprint sensor at the back and that would be a big plus since EMUI4.0 and marshmallow now could maximized the hardware usage with seamless integration.

With Mate 7 ahead of the Android own API, with this new Marshmallow release, Mate 7 could utilized the latest feature build in the Android 6.0 marshmallow when it came to security. This is a big plus for Mate 7 users now that their smartphone would be on par with other Marshmallow powered device and making the phone relevant in the near future.

-This beta registration is only open for Malaysia variant of Huawei Mate 7 (MT-TL09 and MT-TL10 / Jazz-L11)
-The experimental build of Android Marshmallow 6.0 / EMUI4.0 will be release in the form of OTA (over the air) to registered Huawei Mate 7 that runs on latest lollipop version (MT7-L09C900B329 / MT7-TL10C900B329)

*To user who is running on other version, kindly visit the below links:
MT7-L09: click me
MT7-L10: click me

-Since this is an experimental build, unexpected issues/bugs may arise at any point at anytime.
-Huawei Technologies (Malaysia) SDN BHD is not liable for any damage to or loss of any programs, data, or other information stored in user device due to the use of said experimental build software
-Before proceeding with the upgrades, registered user(s) is advised to perform any necessary backup

If you understood all of the above, and would still like to be a part of this program, kindly click on this link to register, by 31st January 2016, 12am.

Once you have successfully registered, sit back and relax, and the experimental build software will be seed to all registered users by 8th February 2016.

Nothing is perfect, if you have encoutered issues/bug during your time with the beta testing. We would appreciate your feedback, simply by clicking on this link (*not ready).

If you felt that the experimental build (or beta) Android Marshmallow is unstable, you can choose to downgrade. Thus, do look out for this space for future update.

That's all folks, now please enjoy the sweet marshmallow changelogs at your own leisure

Filter lens
It supports you to compare 8 special effects with eachother and original when you use filter lens to take a picture. You can choose touse your favorite effect!
With it enabled, while capturing, the camera will autoanalyze the text within lens and only capture this part. Help you to getclearer and more accurate text content.

New added lots of filters
Quickly to get the filter effect that you really want according to the clear filter categories. Make your photo be more right!
New added various labels
You can customize the font size, color, effects and label’s location now.
New added splash sub menu of edit
You can tab the image and choose a single color of it making your image amazing.
New added illusion sub menu of edit
You can highlight the part which you want others to focus on.
New added sport watermark
You can note down the altitude of the mountain you haveever climbed and simple words you want to say then making your travel photos bemore intuitive and funny!
New added memo feature
Supports you customize the unique memo on every images making your images truly to be a part of you.
Improved album
Now you can bulk adding photos for new created album. Saveyour time and easy your life!
Support you batch printing images
You can save all selected images as PDF and print them any time.

New added Smart group contacts
Classify all contacts according to company name. Now, finding out someone in Contacts Ocean just in seconds!
New added two-dimension name code
Your phone will auto generate a QR code for every new created contact. Easy to share!

New added Markall as read
You can mark all messages on which you don’t want to spend any time to read as Read.

New added acompass application
The fresh new compass has integrated the level gauge with compass. You will never have to worry about you would be lost in dense forests or building crowded cities. Mate 7 will tell you the directions.
New added alarm ring duration selections
Now, how long the alarm will ring that’s all depends on you!
New added screen recording
With it enabled, you can record what happened on your screen. Whether recording a course or just simple screen operating steps, the recorder will fully meet your needs.

New added scheduled power on & off
Scheduled power on and off will help you get a regular life. You will no longer have to worry about forgetting power on or power off.
New added a notification panel and status bar
It will be convenient to look up some settings.
Added power on tone switch
It supports you controlling the switch of Power on tone.
View mode
View mode controls the size of interface elements, such as images and characters. Elements will be smaller in Small mode but more content will be displayed. Choose the right for you!
Knuckle Gestures
Double knocking the screen with two knuckles can start/stop screen recording now.
Drawing any letter of ”c”, “e”, “m”, “w” can open the corresponding apps that you predefined.
Drawing a line across your screen with your knuckle can open dual windows.

New added changeable desktop text
The text on desktop will be auto adjusted to white or black according to the light of the wallpaper you set. It makes your desktop more clear and intuitive!
Optimized Task manager
New Mate 7 will list all tasks you opened one by one inthe form of cards. You can sweep to right or left to look up all tasks. It’s more clear and intuitive than ever before.

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