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Tuesday, 15 March 2016

EMUI 4.0 - Enabling Adopted Storage

EMUI 4.0 brings a lot of new feature that are Marshmallow native and also EMUI exclusive but there is one additional feature that most phone manufacturer omitted from their menu including Huawei. Adopted Storage was a new feature that was added to Marshmallow in light of the complaints regarding Lollipop issue with SD Cards. In Lollipop, not all app could be moved to SD Card and the worst is the apps would be moved back to internal storage once any update is installed.

Before we go further in showing how it is done, we would need to advise all of you that doing this might gave issue to your current setup that could lead to data corruption and lost. There are valid reasons to why this adopted storage wasn't included in most phone manufacturer menu and one of it is for system stability.

Warning this is not something that is NOT endorsed or encouraged by Huawei / Honor so please do this with extra caution

 Before we could get started there are few things that is required.
1. Class 10 SD Card or higher
2. A computer
3. USB Cable
4. Hisuite installed
5. Minimal ADB and Fastboot
6. Developer Options enable with USB debugging turn on

These guide are made using Honor 4X Che2-L11 running on Beta EMUI 4.0

Lets start the magic
1. Plug in you phone to the Computer and close Hisuite if it is running
2. Run Minimal ADB and Fastboot and type the command below

C:\Program Files\Minimal ADB and Fastboot>adb shell
shell@hwChe2:/ $ sm list-disks
# this command list the disk name as seen by phone, you need to type in the name of your disk in the command below.
shell@hwChe2:/ $ sm partition disk:179:128 private
#this command have few other option Private is full disk usage and mixed is by percentage
#example of mixed sm partition disk:179:128 mixed 50 (this is using only 50% of size as adopted and the rest as normal external storage that is exessible by other device. 
This Command will take a while because it will partition ,format and encrypt the sdcard.
shell@hwChe2:/ $ sm list-volumes all
emulated:179:130 unmounted null
private:179:130 mounted b6a58e7f-1dbf-4db5-95ab-19bf365e1a55
private mounted null
emulated mounted null
shell@hwChe2:/ $ exit
C:\Program Files\Minimal ADB and Fastboot>

3. Open Advance Settings > Memory & storage > Sd Card > Migrate data (this is very important step so that the new adopted storage would be use)

4. Your phone internal storage would reflect the latest changes with error shown and no space available as EMUI are not build to support adoptable storage as of now.

5. Reboot the phone

Known issue on CHE2-L11
a) EMUI would not be able to read the adopted storage status (usage and free space like the picture above)

b) Please be patience if your phone are doing bootloop as one user reported bootloop up to 8 times before it stabilize

c) some app would encounter force close right after installation, just need to reboot the phone to fix the issue.

We are still figuring what actually the reason for this and will try multiple SDCard type or speed to see if the type of card created this issue.

Please do this with extra precaution and try not to keep any important stuff in the adopted storage without backup.

If you guys found any other issue, please do leave a comment below and believe us that we would not be able to help with any data loss so do this on your own risk.

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