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Thursday, 8 December 2016

EMUI 5.0 - The Android experience that you'll love.

Huawei's Emotion UI isn’t everyone cup of tea and it is known to be the most polarizing android skin available in most major market. For those who are used to Asian skinned system, EMUI have everything and more but for users form western market, EMUI have its issue.

Huawei understand that great hardware can only do so much and they have to do something about their EMUI to meet new western market demands. With market expansion in Europe and United States, Huawei roped in ex iOS creative director in Abigail Brody to re-design EMUI. Her main task, to build something that would be acceptable by both android purist and EMUI fans alike.

Abigail Brody (@broddydesign) - twitter

Huawei’s Head of Mobiles Division – Li Changzhu stated that; the new EMUI has a new cleaner and minimalist look on the user-interface, while not affecting the original firmware module. This new-found push towards simplicity in the interface is done to resonate better with Western customers. However, this will surely not come at the expense of functionality or options to be customized, which play an important role in EMUI.

So here is FIVE things that you'll love about EMUI 5

App Drawer
So, yes, after years of doing things ‘the iPhone way’ and not offering an app drawer, Huawei is finally giving users a choice between going with the setup it has preferred over the years or just going a step and customizing their device and making things a bit organized using an app drawer. Personally, as a fan of third party launchers for this very reason, I couldn’t be much happier.

Notification Panel & Lock screen
EMUI handles notification properly now, Swiping left and right between notifications and shortcuts are a thing of the past as EMUI 5 utilized Android's latest notification system. That would include all the Nougat's feature such as Quick Reply and grouped notification. In EMUI 5, there are some subtle but useful changes to how this works. If you’re familiar with the Android Nougat features, hold on a notification, you’ll now be presented with an inline display where you can change how notifications for that app work. You no longer have to navigate to a different place.

EMUI 5 notifications also support quick replies, which are a way to respond to a notification event directly from a notification instead of context-shifting to the underlying app. Consider a text message (Messaging, Hangouts) or Whatsapp message: Yes, you can still just tap the notification and go right to that app. But now you can also reply directly from the notification.

System shortcuts are visible and accessible always with the latest layout that still looks like EMUI but behave more like stock android.

Multitasking and App switch
As the earlier EMUI 4, have had side-by-side app multitasking before, but now it’s expanded to support almost all app and baked into Android and works with almost every app out of the box.

Simply hold the recent icon anywhere and as if magic the phone jumps into split screen mode, just chose your app to run together. You could always move the border between those apps to make it bigger or smaller.

Almost better than multitasking – double tap the recent button to jump to the last used app. switching from one app to the other has never been faster.

Note that not all apps can be used in split-screen mode.

Cleaner Notification bar
EMUI have a new way of showing notifications on the status bar, you could choose the see just how many notifications available or you could use none.

Most of the phones that we saw would always have tons of notification icons lining up and it really is messy. EMUI 5 change it to only show notification counts (numbers) and I really love it, this feature aligned with minimalist design language used throughout the whole interface.

App twin 
How to properly use a dual SIM smartphone?
App twin of course, two sim, two number and two Whatsapps.

EMUI 5 can support two copies of application that running together such as Whatsapp and Facebook. App twin allows the users to log-in to two accounts for the same app at the same time on the same phone.
* Currently only available to Whatsapp and Facebook

In short, EMUI 5 is by far the most radical change that EMUI have ever seen and that is a good step in the right direction. Integration on Android Nougat design language with a sprinkle of EMUI goodness is something that every user could appreciate.

For me, EMUI 5 isn’t polarizing as much as it used to be and could be the best Nougat interpretation to date that stay true to both android purist and EMUI fan alike. With Huawei already known for making quality hardware and design, EMUI 5 could only made Huawei smartphones an irresistible proposition to any market in the world.


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