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Tuesday, 6 December 2016

How to force firmware flash on Huawei or Honor devices

Maybe some of you have issue where by your device suddenly stuck and cannot be booted properly. There are multiple reason for that but what we will share here is only if your device is soft brick (no hardware issue). This happened to me a few time and mostly because of firmware update failure or some 3rd party software are making the phone crazy.

Let start with what we need.

  1. A full working ROM for your device ( You can download it from here )
  2. SDCard 
  3. Phone are charged to minimum 30%

How to do it

  • Download your specific firmware
  • Extract the file until you can see a folder name dload or a file called (which one is found first)
  • Copy the whole dload folder to your sdcard or Copy the file to your SDCard in a Folder called dload (whichever applied)
  • Power off your device (you might need to force it by holding the power button for few seconds)
  • Hold both Volume up and volume down button and press the power button (you need to hold both volume button until the recovery page loaded) to turn it on.
  • Wait for the device to automatically restore your device to factory settings and install the fresh firmware.

Your device should be cleared of any data and would run as a new phone.

Please do leave a comment if you need any help

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