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Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Huawei Concept phone branded as Honor launching tomorrow ?

Huawei will be releasing their own concept phone that is in simple word, radical. The radically design concept phone would be covered with 4 side curved front screen from top to bottom giving a full reading view from any angle.

The concept might not even have any front facing hardware such as earpiece because of the full screen application. Previously, rumors are spreading of Huawei concept phone will be shown to public somewhere in December 2016.

Huawei, the 3rd largest mobile company in the world are now on a huge roll where it was announced as the most profitable Android smartphone maker of 2016 beating huge name such as Samsung.

With recent critically acclaimed devices such as Huawei P9 and the latest Huawei Mate 9, the future seems bright for Huawei and this concept phone might be the showcase of things to come from them.

 The biggest news surrounding this concept phone is the latest technology in battery with reports saying that it could charge 50% capacity in ONLY 10 MINUTES!!. It is said to be using Gaphene-Lithium-ion battery and if the rumors are true would be the fastest ever charging battery available now in the smartphone world.

Source : Gizmochina

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